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At Techmologics, we understand that the best business strategies need an exceptional ability to execute them. With strongly backed agile development practices, we can either partner with your delivery teams or take full ownership of the product and execute it for you. Our services are specially geared toward startups, inventor entrepreneurs, small to mid-sized businesses, and large businesses that still have the entrepreneurial spirit.


How do you streamline the product development process and solve the tough challenges associated with it? Partner with Techmologics and enjoy the benefits of comprehensive product lifecycle management strategies and tools for quick value realization.

Over the years, we improved and arrived at an optimal Product Lifecycle Management that helps manage complex, cross-functional processes, coordinating the efforts of distributed teams to consistently develop and deliver the best process products.

The software product development process at Techmologics implies periodic launch of a set of features tailored to meet the needs of specific businesses. These processes are well defined and help teams manage all aspects of the product development lifecycle, from concept through launch. With our optimized product development processes and a single & secure source of information, cost-effective and competitive products of high quality can be developed.

Here’s how we create unique experiences for our
customers and further their product development efforts.


The first step has a great impact on the final product. Our Business Analyst Team uses various techniques and tools to ensure that each detail is clearly defined, thoroughly discussed, and well documented.


Once the requirements are defined, we work on the design and architecture of the application to ensure that the product vision is in line with the client’s idea.


At this stage, our focus is to ensure that we provide clients with a simplified yet clear picture of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and the experience it offers.


The development team takes into account all the requirements in scope for MVP launch and implements them iteratively till the launch features are fully implemented.


To ensure that the product will work smoothly and efficiently, our quality assurance specialists work in tandem right from the initial phases to ensure that the validation happens in each of these phases.


With the focus to hit the market soon, the minimum viable version of the product is launched. The team then continues to iteratively build the set of prioritized features from the product backlog.


It’s a tough challenge to ensure quality. Let us help you through it with the best of our solutions.

Every product team is empowered by a highly qualified quality assurance team that works in tight integration with the development team. Our team of top-notch QA engineers focus on both manual and automated test execution and ensure that the product is released with high quality.


Our QA team is focused on ensuring the web applications - whether a single page or multifunctional portal are delivered with high quality.


Our mobile testing team will provide all the possible QA services for your native [iOS or Android] or hybrid apps.


Your product must pass the manual software test based on previously designed test plans and test cases before entering the market. This best practice is followed for all modern software. Our test engineers ensure that your software behaves as was specified in the initial requirements and is bug-free.


Achieve smooth product launches with no regression issues with our QA automation services. Our team specializes in open source technologies for automated testing to produce better and faster software every time.


We have proven expertise in software functional testing on all sorts of web and mobile platforms - Integration testing, System testing, Sanity testing & Smoke testing.


Our specialized QA team handles non-functional testing across different technologies through a variety of toolsets. Some aspects of non-functional testing tend to be ignored as they are difficult to quantify and are not covered by the functional testing, which might impact the applications greatly. To achieve the above-mentioned application parameters, we provide non-functional testing types like Load testing, Stress testing, Volume testing, Security testing, Compatibility testing, Reliability testing, Usability testing & Localization testing.


Stay ahead of your game with continuous product development!

One of the major concerns of product development is a faster turnaround time to market once the development is completed. Our DevOps specialists offer their expertise in DevOps consulting services, preplanning, automation, optimization, orchestration, etc. to address the challenge.

Learn how we cut the development time and ensure stability for operating environments by uniting development and operations to contribute to the faster delivery of a perfectly crafted solution.

Continuous Integration, Testing and Delivery

Our DevOps teams utilize their rich experience in designing, implementing, optimizing, and maintaining CI/CT/CD for projects of different size and complexity. Taking advantage of a range of powerful tools for continuous integration, we improve the quality of a product and speed up the delivery.

Containerization and Orchestration

Teams have a lot of experience in performing containerization and orchestration that open up space for further smooth and efficient development, testing and scaling, and further cloud infrastructure management. We use Docker to deliver software in containers, and then complement it with orchestration systems like Kubernetes or OpenShift.

Automatization, Scaling and Optimization

To promote the continued operation of cloud-based solutions for our clients, we take advantage of our experience in automation, scaling, and optimization. By automating such processes like application performance management, error monitoring, and log management, we ensure our clients’ ability to focus on mission-critical tasks and open up space for further improvements to their cloud solutions.

Monitoring and Alerting

We put a great emphasis on monitoring cloud-based systems for threats and providing our clients with comprehensive and insightful alerts that allow them to react and respond accordingly.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

To ensure operational resiliency in the event of any service interruptions, we automate backups, separate databases into smaller, faster, more easily managed parts, and take various disaster recovery (DR) measures. These include the audit of logs and metrics, determination of what has caused the problem, and implementation of the required fixes.


DevOps is a software engineering culture that aims at delivering software services rapidly with the help of agile and lean practices by working in close alignment with business objectives.

DevOps implementations are carried out through automation and tools to shorten development cycles and unify software development and operation.


  • Faster delivery of the product to the user and capitalize on its value
  • Elimination of manual interventions thereby reducing process management costs
  • Product up-gradation according to market demands is easier
  • Helps ensure substantial improvement in quality and business performance
  • Everything, including build, deployment, test automation, and reporting is integrated
  • Improved communication and collaboration

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