Novastep Lync

The Novastep Lync® implant features a single-piece, bifocal, barbed leg configuration, designed for small bone intramedullary insertion.

Breakthrough Design

One-piece implant manufactured from anodized titanium (ASTM F67 / ISO 5832-2), featuring insertion tapers and migration resistant talons that allow for accurate placement and stable bone purchase. Medullary canal preparation and device insertion do not require placement of guide wires.

All implants are packaged sterile and deployed by means of the cleanSTART® Dispenser. The Lync® implants are ready for immediate use; hospital inventory is easily managed and reliably tracked. Tubes are clearly marked with easy to read labels.

Minimal Instrumentation with Dedicated Compression Forceps

All required instruments are neatly configured in one elegantly sized sterilization module.