The most frequent fractures encountered in surgical practice are radius fractures. Based on an extensive body of clinical experience and utilizing new technical possibilities afforded by the ever-advancing technical progress, multidirectional locking radius plates are frequently used nowadays for treating such conditions.

Based on the principle of multidirectional locking plate osteosynthesis, our goal was to treat nearly all types of distal radius fractures with an easy-to-use and clearly structured system.

In fact, IXOS® comes as a comprehensive and user-friendly radius plating system including palmar, dorsal as well as lateral plates.

All plates are implanted with state-of-the-art smartDrive® screws. No more than four instruments are required for secure osteosynthesis.

IXOS® radius plates are available in different designs to match proved treatment concepts. All plates are finished with the Dotize® surface coating. To facilitate identification, all palmar plates have been marked “P”, dorsal plates “D” and dorsolateral plates “DL”.